Can I chat directly with other users?

The only way to interact with another member is to make an offer on their item. We restrict this option in order to avoid spamming and guarantee efficient exchange between Tradee's users.

Can I post photos, or items directly from my profile?


Are the offers I send to others publicly visible?

All your chats, offers, and transactions remain private; Nobody can see when you sent an offer nor to whom. The only data that is publicly displayed is the number of offers on an item. Your followers will also see when you make a deal, however the details of the transaction are private (neither the item title nor its price will be displayed)

What do I see in my Feeds?

You will see your posts and the posts of others as well as post updates of users you follow. Your notifications will be updates on your own posts as well as posts that people you follow make.

When are my followers notified of my activity?

Your followers are notified when you:

  • Publish a new ad
  • Add a new picture to your ad
  • Increase/decrease the price of your ad
  • Add a new item to your alert
  • Like an ad
  • Start following a user
  • Repost an ad

Can I use a username to represent my account?

Sure. If you wish to remain anonymous or simply discreet, we offer you the possibility to choose a username and hide your full name in your account settings.

Can I edit my profile?

You can change your profile information as well as your profile picture at any time.

What is a verified user?

Each member is asked to register with a valid email address or correct phone number. To complete the registration, a code will be sent on a mobile phone number. Every user goes through this process when they join Tradee.

Are you going to spam me?

No, but we are pretty sure you do not want to miss a cool new post, or a perfect match, so you can choose to receive notifications on these events. You can disable notifications in your account settings at any time.

Where can I access to the report function?

You have access to the report function on the page of a post and in the chat area. Reporting is another way for us to ensure a safer community within Tradee network.

The price of an item seems incorrect or out of all proportion?

You can either contact the owner to ask for a confirmation, or simply report it to Tradee.

This item is mine! (claim the property of an item posted by someone else)

When you post an item on Tradee, you acknowledge this item is your property. If you see an item posted by someone else, that belongs to you, you must report it to Tradee.

What if the item is not high enough quality?

If you feel that a post is not of sufficient quality- for example if the photo in the post is clearly hiding a part of the item, or seems to be an image stolen from another website- you may also report it to Tradee.

Can I share an item outside of Tradee?

Yes you can! When you view an item, you tap "share" and you can post it:

  • on Facebook
  • by Email
  • by sms

What is my profile?

Your profile includes all your posts that you make on the Tradee app. These posts will be shared with the Tradee community and will be open to trading! Your posts are categorized into several product categories including watches, automobiles, motorcycles, jewelry among others.

Can I delete or erase an item from my profile?

Of course, you can instantly make an item in your profile invisible to other users. Once you finalize an exchange with another user you may also mark an item as sold, traded, or otherwise unavailable.

Can I edit my profile?

Absolutely. You may want to add a second picture, edit the description, change the price, or change your wish in exchange for your item. At any moment, you can edit and modify your past posts and your followers will be notified in their feed.

How do I start trading on Tradee?

There is nothing easier than trading on Tradee. Simply find the item you wish to trade for, and send a message to make an offer.

Is it only exchange?

No, you can also pay the full amount, or pay the difference of an exchange.

Can I trade Cross-category?

You are free to trade any items you want from any category as long as they are in your profile.

Can I make an offer if I don't have items in my profile?

Sure you can! Every user can list the value of their items so that anyone can make a straight offer in cash. You may not however trade an item that is not your property or not appearing in your profile.

Can you only exchange items of same value or category?

No. You can make an offer on any item. You may also make a trade with two items of different values in which one is required a to pay a compensation amount. Finally, one of the main benefits of trading on Tradee is to discover new exciting opportunities in different categories. You can trade your luxury brand watch for a new motorcycle or a handbag.

Is there a limit of value I can trade on Tradee?

There is only limitation on Tradee: the sky above you. You are free to reach as far as your ambition takes you on Tradee.

Why should I use Tradee?

Tradee is an app that matches you with other collectibles or luxury items you can exchange for. It acts as a trusted third party. In just a few taps, we can hook you up with new opportunities otherwise invisible to you. Our community is diverse, vibrant, passionate, and global.

What kind of items are on Tradee?

Tradee is where you come to trade, sell, or buy valuables. Our market is centred around several categories: automobiles, motorcycles, watches, footwear, accessories and jewels.

Feel free to let us know what categories you’d like to see as part of Tradee!

Is Tradee a worldwide platform?

Tradee connects users worldwide. You can tune your settings to trade with the people in your area or the whole world.

Is Tradee free?

Yes, it is entirely free, no hidden fees at all. It will cost you precisely 0.00€ throughout.

Do I HAVE to trade on Tradee?


You as a user have the choice of freely browsing and chatting with other users without any sort of obligation to make a trade. We predict however that you might find a special item you will not be able to resist!

How can I subscribe?

If you wish to join the Tradee community, can download our app from App Store or Play Store and sign up using your email address. After confirming you email address and entering a 6-digit code, your will be able to start trading!

List an Item

How to list an item on Tradee?

  • Tap on “Add an item” to start creating an ad

  • Choose to add your image of the item by tapping “Photo” or “Library”.
  • You can add up to 3 images

  • Then tap to select your pictures and tap “Add selected photos” to import your selection.

We recommend you use original and high resolution pictures for your ad. All listings on Tradee are verified and must follow our listing policy.You can find more information about how to take proper pictures for your ad here.

How to edit your photos?

You can edit each photo by adding filters, or by settings your own enhancements. Once done tap “Next” in the upper right to edit details about your item.

How to enter product name?

This will be the title of your ad. Listings on Tradee are indexed by title, and each set identical products must have the same title. Start by typing the brand, make, model or version of your item to be searchable in Tradee’s database. Once you’ve found your item’s title in our database, tap on it to select it. If you can’t find your item in the list, tap « Add item » and choose its appropriate category to create a new entry. This new entry will be used for your ad’s title.

Why Tradee is always asking for a value for all of your items ?

Our Trade Machine © helps you find the perfect matches to trade your items. In order to do so, we always request a value for each item uploaded on Tradee. Tap the “value » field to enter a value for your item and tap on the currency symbol to select the currency of your choice. Nevertheless, you can still decide to hide these values with the “Price on request” button.

Enter a description

Tap in the description field to enter a short description of your item. You can use hashtags to get more engagement on your ad. We recommend to enter only a short description, highlighting the principal details, track record, or any aspects that can enhance the value of your item.

How to Enable/Disable location

To enable the location of your item, tap the button (picto location) to set the location of your item. You can inform an area such as a city, or a country. Precise location are not permited on Tradee for security reasons.

Edit your Wishlist

You may add wishes manually by searching for the category, brand, make, model, or version of your wish in Tradee’s database. Select each sublabel that matches your wish item’s. You can also provide that you are open to a direct sale by listing “cash” as a wish.

Wishes can be in any category (cars, watches or accessories) and can also be as precise as you want including a specific brand, make, model and year for a car for example. You are free to compose your wishlist as you want to, there are no limits to your wishes.

Your wishlist is very important in order to enjoy your Tradee experience to the max. Our Trade Machine © uses wishes along with many other parameters to find the best opportunities for you to make deals. We recommend you to add as many wishes as you want.

Manage your profile

Access to your profile

Tap 'Profile' to access.

Edit an Ad

Each ad listed to your profile is editable at anytime. 
The editing process works just as the initial listing process.
To edit a ad:

  • Tap on the ad listing you want to edit 

  • Tap the picture of your ad to access your ad, then tap 'edit' to start edit your listing

Set the privacy of an ad

You can control the visibility of an ad at anytime. To change the privacy settings:

  • Tap 'Profile' to access your items.

  • Tap on the ad listing you want to edit.

  • Tap the picture of your ad then tap 'edit'.

  • Tap 'next' in the upper right, then tap 'audience' to go to your privacy settings.

  • Tape 'save' once finished.

Delete an ad

Your listings can be displayed as long as you wish, however your profile must be accurate. If you have sold or traded your item through or outside Tradee, you must delete your listing. To delete an ad :

  • Tap 'Profile' to access your items. 

  • Tap on the ad picture of the listing you want to delete. 

  • Tap the your ad to access to it, then tap 'delete'.
Your ad will be deleted immediately, and all datas regarding your ad such as pictures, value, description or Wishlist will be deleted from our servers.

Access to the Trade Machine ©

The Trade Machine is the main feature offered for free with Tradee's app. It took us huge efforts, countless night of hard work and many attempts before we created the correct formula.

We are using algorithms, machine learning and big data analysis to improve our system. The result is an efficient system that will bring you opportunities like never before in any other marketplace.

To access the Trade Machine ©, you must have an active listing.
Each ad listed is processed by the Trade Machine. To access to your item's Trade Machine :

  • Tap 'My Profile' to access your stock.

  • Tap on the listing you want to see Trade Machine results for.
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