Start using Tradee

1. On the sign up screen, tap 'Register with Facebook' to sign up using your Facebook account or tap 'Register with Email', then inform your e-mail address, choose a username, a password and tap create.
2. For both sign up methods you will be asked a valid phone number that will be verified. Inform your phone number and tap send, a text message with a validation code will be immediately send to the phone number you entered, copy the code or open the link in the message to verify your phone number. Your account is now created ! We recommend you to complete your profile and start sharing your stock.

To edit your profile:
- Go to 'My Stock' to access to your profile
- Tap in the top left to access your settings
- Tap 'Edit Profile'
- To update your profile picture, tap the picture and choose between 'From Library' or 'Take a Photo'
- To update your profile information, simply type in your first name and family name, write something about you (add a link to your website) or edit your email address and your gender
- Click 'Save' in the upper right
If you want to update your phone number, please follow the verification process below (coming soon)
We recommend you to fill your profile with correct information about you, it will help you to build trust in your network and get more engagement on your listings.

If you have been disconnected from your session, or if you have logged out and want to access again to your account:
- Install the last version of Tradee on your iPhone
- Start Tradee's app from the home screen of your iPhone
- Tap 'Register with Facebook' to log in using your Facebook account, or tap 'Log in with Email' to continue using your Tradee's account, then enter the email linked to your account and your password, and tap 'Log-in'.

To Log out from Tradee app:
- Go to 'My Stock' to access your profile
- Tap _(insert logo settings) in the top left to access your settings
- Tap 'Log out' and you'll be redirected to the sign up page

List an Item

How to list an item on Tradee
- Tap on “add an item” to start creating an ad
- Choose between “Photo” or “Library”. Use the “swipe left” gesture on your screen to switch from “Photo” to “Library” or simply tap on “Photo” or “Library”. You can add up to 3 pictures.
- Then tap to select your pictures and tap “Add selected photos” to import your selection.We recommend to use original and top quality pictures for your ad. All listings on Tradee are verified and must follow our listing policy.You can find more information about how to take proper pictures for your ad here.

You can edit each photo by adding filters, or by settings your own enhancements. Once done tap “Next” in the upper right to edit details about your item.

This will be the title of your ad. Listings on Tradee are indexed by title, each of identical product must have the same title. Start by taping the first letter of the brand, make, model and version of your item to seach in Tradee’s database.Once you’ve find your item’s title in our database, tap on it to select. If you can’t find your item in the list, tap “picto du add” Add “your item name” to create a new entry, then select the category of your item. This new entry will be used for your ad’s title.

Our Trade Machine © helps you find the perfect matches to trade your items. In order to do so, we always request a valuation of each item uploaded on Tradee. Tap in the “value field” to enter a value for your item and tap on the currency symbol to select the currency of your choice.Nevertheless, you can still decide to hide these values with the “Price on request” button.

If you just want to share an item with your followers but you are not open for trade on this item, simply switch off the “Available for trade” option. “Not for trade” will appear on your ad.

Tap in the description field to enter a short description of your item. You can use hashtags to get more engagement on your ad. We recommend to enter only short description, highlighting the principal details, track record, or any aspects that can enhance the value of your item.

Tap the suggested wishes labels to add to your wishlist or add wishes manually by taping in the search field the first letter of the category, brand, make, model, version of your wish in Tradee’s database. Select each labels that matches your wishes to add to your wishlist. You can also inform that you are open for a direct sale by listing “cash” as a wish.
Wishes can be a category (cars, watches or handbags) or as precise as you want by selecting a specific brand, make, model and year for a car for example. You are free to compose your wishlist as you want to, there is no limits to your wishes.
Your listing’s whislist is the most important information to provide in order to enjoy Tradee’s experience at its best. Our Trade Machine © uses wishes with many other parameters to find the best opportunities for you to make deals. We recommend you to add as many wishes as you want.

You can set your ad’s visibility for each item of your listings. - Select “Public” if you want your ad to be visible by all Tradee members, - Select “Followers only” to give access to your ad only to the people who are following you - Select “Private/Invisible” to keep your ad secret and shareable only by sending a private direct link.

To enable the location of your item, tap the button (picto location) to set the location of your item. You can inform an area such as a city, or a country. Precise location are not permited on Tradee for security reasons.

Manage your stock

Tap 'icon de My Profile' to access your stock.

Each items listed to your stock are editable at anytime.
The editing process works as the listing process
To edit an item's list:
- Tap 'icon de My Profile' to access to your stock.
- Tap on the item's ad picture of the listing you want to edit
- Tap the picture of your ad to access your add, then tap 'edit' to start edit your listing.

You can control the visibility of your item's ad at anytime. To change the privacy settings:
- Tap 'icon de My Profile' to access your stock.
- Tap on the item's ad picture of the listing you want to edit
- Tap the picture of your ad to access to it, then tap 'edit' to start edit your listing.
- Tap 'next' in the upper right , then tap 'audience' to go to your privacy settings.
- Tape 'save' once all done.

Your listings can last forever, but your stock must be accurate, if you have sold or tradede your item, through or outside Tradee, you must delete your listing. To delete your item's ad :
- Tap 'icon de My Profile' to access your stock.
- Tap on the item's ad picture of the listing you want to delete.
- Tap the picture of your ad to access to it, then tap 'delete'.
Your item's ad will be deleted immediately, and all datas regarding your ad such as pictures, value, description or Wishlist will be deleted from our servers.

The Trade Machine is the main feature offered for free with Tradee's app. It took us huge efforts, countless night of hard work and many attempt before we discovered the correct formula.
We are using algorithms, machine learning and big data analysis to improve our matching system. The result is an efficient system that will bring you opportunities like never before in any other marketplaces. To access the Trade Machine ©, you must have an active listing.
Each item listed is working is own trade machine, to access to your item's trade machine :
- Tap 'icone de My Profile' to access your stock.
- Tap on the listing you want to access its trade machine.

The trade machine provides you two way of matching:
What you see in opportunities tabs are all items matching their Wishlist. It means that people who listed those items are extremely interested in your item.

What you see in value tabs are all items matching your item's value range. It gives you a precise view of all the possibilities offered by trading your item.

Make an Offer

If you want to contact an owner you can do so using the button 'Make an offer' and starting a chat.

A Trade offer is a way for a buyer to let know an owner that he would like to acquire the item through an exchange for another item that the buyer owns.

- Open Tradee, go to the listing and use the button 'Make an offer'.
- On the conversation window, use the 3rd icon over the keyboard to access your listings.
-S elect one or more items that you want to offer in exchange and tap 'Send'

The owner will receive your offer and respond to you.

A Cash offer is a way for a buyer to let know an owner that he would like to buy the item.

Open the listing, use the button 'Make an offer' and make the offer in plain text.


You can share a post when you are on it by taping on '...' and 'Share' to send it :
- On Facebook
- By Email
- By Text

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