The only way to interact with another member is to make an offer on their item. We keep this restricted option to guarantee exchanges between Tradee's users as efficient as possible and to avoid spamming.


Feed & Activity

If you have a public profile, your followers are notified in their feed when you:

- Like an item from someone else (unless this item is privately published)
- Start following someone
- Post a new item in your stock
- Add a picture to your post
- Modify the price of your item
- Add a new wish in exchange for your item

Nobody can see who has sent an offer and to who, these talks and transactions remains private.
We just show the numbers of offers made for one item.

You receive notifications related to your posts and publishing updates of the people you are following. If you have a private profile, you will also receive pending request of followers to accept or deny.The feed will also inform you of the activity of those you are following.


Your followers are notified in their feed when you:

- Publish a new ad
- Add a new picture to your ad
- Increase/decrease the price of your ad
- Add a new wish item
- Like an ad
- Start following a user
- Repost an ad

It depends on the restriction you have chosen while filling the post. You can choose your audience and so restrict the access to one of your post.


You can choose to limit the access of viewers on your profile, in your privacy settings.
The accessibility of your profile is different from the visibility of the items you post in your stock.
For example, your profile can be private but you can decide that one of your item posted will be seen by everyone and vice versa.

Sure. If you wish to remain anonymous or simply discreet, we offer you the possibility to choose a username and hide your full name in your account settings.

You can edit your profile at any time and change your information as well as your profile picture.


Since Tradee is free, we do not collect, sell or communicate anything of your personal information.

Each member is asked to register with a valid email address or through his or her social network.
To complete the registration, a code will be sent on a mobile phone number. The process for every user is the same.

No but we are pretty sure you do not want to miss a trade, or a perfect match, so you will receive notifications when it is really necessary. You can disable notifications in your account settings at any time.


You have access to the report function on the page of a post and in the chat area. Reporting is another way for us to ensure a safer community within Tradee network.

- The price of an item seems incorrect or out of all proportion?

You can either contact the owner to alert and ask for a confirmation, or simply report it to Tradee.

This item is mine! (claim the property of an item posted by someone else)

When you post an item on Tradee, you acknowledge this item is your property. If you see an item posted by someone else, that belongs to you, you definitely have to report it to Tradee.

- This post feels like spam or scam?

This item is supposed to belong to someone you know or to an organisation or the pictures don't match with the description or simply because the item has been recently sold or advertise and cannot be on Tradee, report it to Tradee in order for us to pursue investigations.

- What if the item is not high enough quality?

You feel that the picture of an item are not qualitative enough to evaluate the value of it or the picture are clearly hiding part of this item, on purpose or not, or simply because the pictures are stolen from previous published article, report it to Tradee


Yes you can! When you are on the item you tap on share and you can share it on:

- Facebook
- by Email
- by sms


Your stock represents the items you are posting on the app to share and trade with the Tradee community. At this stage, only 3 categories are open and curated by our experts: timepieces, cars and handbags. More categories will open very soon.

Of course, and especially if you have complete a trade on Tradee for another item. But you may also want to remove an item for various other reasons and it is possible to do so instantly.

Absolutely. You may want to add a second picture, edit the description or simply change the price and wishes in exchange of your item. At any moment, you can edit and modify your past posts and your followers will be notified in their feed to raise their interest on your stock.

You are able to control the audience for each item you decide to post in your stock. Simply choose the privacy setting of each of your post between public, followers or only me. In order to enhance the privacy of our community, we even offer you the possibility to list items for your eyes only and share it with specific members if needed.


There is nothing easier than trading on Tradee. Simply find the item of your choice and send a request to make an offer. Once the other member has approved your request, you can start chatting together and suggesting swaps of your choice.

No, you can also pay the full amount, or pay the difference of the exchange.

You are free to trade any items you want from a category or another for other(s) so far they are in your stock.

Sure you can! Every user can list the value of their items so that anyone can make a straight offer in cash. However, you may not trade an item that is not your property or not appearing in your stock.

No. You can make an offer on any item, offering to pay the price listed online. You may also realise a trade of different monetary values which will require the payment of a compensation from one trader to the other. Finally, and that's one of the main purpose of Tradee to help you discover new opportunities, you can definitely complete trades from different categories, i.e. exchanging a watch against a car or a bag.

Hopefully no, there is absolutely no limit on Tradee except those of your passion.

As long as the other seller is interested with your offer, you can trade anything you posted on Tradee against anything you might be interested in other's collection.

Not every post are accepted by Tradee. We have experts for each of our categories that are verifying items that does not seem to be as they should. Even though it is impossible for us to certify items that is why we advice you to follow Tradee's advices during transactions.

Using Tradee

Tradee is a matchmaking app to trade collectibles or luxury items. It acts as a trusted third party. In just a few taps, it allows you to find the best opportunities you could not have reached on a regular physical market and interact with other passionate connoisseurs anywhere in the world and get to trade with them.

We value quality over quantity and decided to launch the app around 3 strong collectors markets: Timepieces, cars and handbags, each of them curated by experts.
We work hard to be able to launch new departments soon, such as arts, design furnitures, boats, planes, etc. They will also be supervised by experts. You are interested in a specific category, please let us know.

Tradee is a global platform without borders. Our algorithm treatment helps you find first what might interest you in the nearest area.

Yes, it is entirely free, no hidden fees at all. It will cost you precisely 0.00€

No. Tradee acts also as a showcase and database where professional and private collectors can display their items to get worldwide exposure and get to know each others. You can post, explore and chat without being forced to trade anything but you may receive unsuspected offers from other members as well.

We are currently in private beta. If you wish to join our community of early users, please give us your email and we will send you a link to download the app. Tradee is currently available only on iOS platform for iPhone and iPad. Android version will be released soon! Sign up on the Early Access page and choose Android as your device and we will send you an alert when it becomes available!