Discover a world of endless opportunities.

Tradee is: :
  • Try an item to see what you can get for it
  • Direct access to owners of rare items
  • Verified users
  • The best database of luxury items
  • The freedom to make deals with, or without cash

Why using trade?

More than 45% of items are sold to buy another one. We believe that by bringing together a large number of opportunities, using "trade" fits better the needs of the players in the second hand market.

What is trading or exchanging items?

Trading an item is already widely used in the automotive market: you get an offer for your old car when buying a new vehicle. It's similar for items, once put in relation, both parties willing to conclude the transaction will reduce the use of cash, using items exchange instead. Payment with money only helps to compensate for the difference in value between the items exchanged

How it works ?